MTM Student Feature: Mia von Knorring

A Needed Pivot

I decided I wanted to be an engineer the moment I attended an all girls engineering summer camp in high school. Us STEM kids commonly refer to it as “nerd camp.” The camp allowed me to envision myself designing the next life saving medical system and becoming CEO of a medical device startup. I was absolutely fascinated with being able to use my brain to help others. Therefore I spent my undergraduate experience learning all the physics, programs and skills it took to successfully engineer my dreams. I worked as an R&D engineering intern every summer at medical device giants and tiny startups. I built prototypes of cerebral protection nets, designed tests for ischemic stroke catheters and participated in PMA design validation testing.

Throughout her undergraduate studies as a biomedical engineer at Cal Poly, Mia felt like her only career options were to work as an R&D Engineer or Quality Engineer. She used the MTM to explore opportunities for roles that would allow her to be a part of upstream innovation and strategic planning. She recently started as an Associate Product Manager of Global Upstream Marketing for Abbott, and finally feels like she’s found her place in the healthcare innovation sphere.



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